My name is Braiden Gunn aka Batman Michael Jordan Gunn aka The Gunn Show aka Mr-Did-You-Get-Your-Tickets-Yet aka Yung Gunn etc etc, reppin' Van Isle since '93. 

    First off thanks for visiting the site and if you see anything of interest, be sure to bless your friends with the same resource! Music is for sharing and I spend the time sorting through it so you don't have to. I do a lot of hip-hop oriented material but love music from all genres. 

    I'm a student at the University of Victoria where I've landed in the Art History department after dabbling in science, music, and business. I am the host of AUDIO DEATH RAY, the #1 underground hip-hop radio show in Victoria on 101.9FM CFUV or I go live every Saturday night 9:00-10:30 PM. You can follow the show on iTunes (click AUDIO DEATH RAY) or find previous broadcasts and tracklists under the Projects tab.

   Together with the host of Overgrowth (Tuesday nights on CFUV @ 7:30-9:00pm) we are putting on a monthly show at the local record shop Vinyl Envy (1717 Quadra St.) on the last Friday of each month. We will be curating visuals and music, as well as streaming the event online. Entry is by donation (for now...) so be sure to come dance and check out some great music. I love creating collaborative projects like this so if you've got an event or an idea which could use some musical curation, please do reach out and let's see if we can make it come to life! 

    I'm also a contributing writer to and the assistant editor of FEEDBACK magazine, the publication out of the CFUV radio station. Check that out @ or in stands on campus. Check out the 'Blog' section of the website for some of my writing. 

    And finally, I'm one of the organizers of the UVIC MUSIC PRODUCTION CLUB where we try to connect musicians with each other and provide a community for all kinds of different artists at UVic. Feel free to join the Facebook group even if you're not a student at UVic. We try to provide workshops and live opportunities to help enrich the local music community. 








To be continued...always...