Event Coverage: DJ Madd and Friends Light Up Victoria

DJ Madd, Rhythmicon x Outsider ft. Pax Frias, and DJ Anger
Upstairs Cabaret, Feb. 24, 2016

    BC’s bass music scene has been steadily growing over the years and has garnered international attention with festivals like Shambhala and Bass Coast fuelling the summers. But for all the time throughout the year that isn’t festival season, music lovers still have to scratch that live-show itch. Luckily for Victoria, our chapter of the PK Sound crew has stepped up to provide a reoccurring opportunity for people to come out and dance to quality music coming from a powerful sound system at Upstairs Cabaret. 

    The latest installment of this event featured music from a number of talented artists on the wheels of steel including the Lit Wednesday resident DJ Anger, Rhythmicon, Outsider, and the headliner DJ Madd. We were also treated to a few songs with a live MC, Pax Frias, which was an awesome surprise for all the hip-hop heads that were present (myself included). 

    DJ Anger kicked the night off and prepped the crowd for the music to come for the rest of the evening, pulling songs from hip-hop, drum & bass, dub, and reggae. Sticking to one genre wasn’t the name of the game as the DJs kept the night interesting, jumping from one genre to the next. Next up were Rhythmicon and Outsider who took over to play an enthusiastic back-to-back set for the next portion of the evening. Part way through their set they had Pax Frias come up and perform some tracks where he rapped in double time which injected the evening with a fresh burst of energy. When it was time for DJ Madd to take the stage the dance floor was packed and buzzing, perfect for a veteran artist such as Madd. While the tracks often escaped my personal knowledge, there were a number of tunes which garnered elated reactions from the crowd. 

    As I watched the crowd’s faces and the reactions online afterwards, it became evident that those in attendance that night were genuinely impressed by the energy present at a relatively underground event on a Wednesday night in Victoria. It just goes to show that with the right combination of music and people, the rest of the details don’t matter! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future events in a similar vein as I can only imagine that subsequent dates will have comparable results. Shouts out to Dub Selekta, PK Sound, and Urban Therapy for bringing in the talent which manifested this exciting event.